These fittings are used for connecting cable bus enclosures to switchgear or metal structures indoors.

    Catalog Number
    BC (Insert W & H)
    Example: BC2412

    These fittings are used where cable bus attaches to outdoor gear, passes through walls or floors where the passage of water or air is undesirable.

    Catalog Number
    (Insert system number)-ES
    Example: CB00600C0750-06-ES
    Fire stops are also available (consult factory)

    These aluminum boxes are used where there is insufficient space for a standard fitting or more room is required to make the terminations of the cables at the equipment being connected. Outdoor junction boxes are weather tight.

    Box Type Catalog Number
    Indoor Box
    Outdoor Box
    IJB - (W-L-H)
    Example: IJB-36-60-36

    These aluminum boxes are used where the cable bus circuit must split between two ore more load point. Aluminum box includes required insulators and bus bars. Outdoor tap boxes are weather tight.

    Box Type Catalog Number
    Indoor Tap Box
    Outdoor Tap Box
    ITB-(insert system number)
    OTB-(insert system number)
    Example: OTB-CB15000A1000-06


    Terminals (lugs) are supplied for each cable for field attachment at termination of the Cable Bus run and at any tap box. Terminals (lugs) are compression type . Other types of electrical connectors, such as stud connectors, can be furnished on request.


    Termination kits for field attachment are furnished as required for each cable.


    A complete line of support material, such as hanger rods, strut, etc., can be supplied upon request to support your Cable Bus Systems.

    Cable Rollers are easily mounted and removed. All bearing wheels turn independently with a minimum of friction. The freely running wheels are smooth surfaced and closely spaced to prevent cable damage. Assembly consists of painted steel frame and zinc plated wheels. Two "J" bolts and mounting hardware are supplied with straight and radius rollers.

    Cable Bus Width Catalog Number

    Single pulleys are generally used for pulling small diameter conductors around bends 45 or less or may be used when making minor offsets in large diameter cables. The pulley will accommodate cables up to 4" in diameter. and the hinged yoke provides easy access.

    Catalog Number

    Designed to pull cables around horizontal or vertical bends. Three aluminum sheaves mounted in steel frame. Ring attached to the frame allows securing cable guide to wall, column or other structural member.

    Catalog Number

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