General Applications

    Cable Bus is used as a primary power feeder. Any ampacity exceeding 2000 amps is an application that is suitable for Cable Bus. At 5 KV and 1.5 KV the ampacity requirement can be as low as 1200 amps and still be very competitive with other power transmission methods. Other approved wiring methods are wire and conduit, cable and tray, and bar bus duct.

    Emergency Disaster Recovery

    Cable Bus is ideal for quick recovery of power distribution systems recovery or continuation of the energy infrastructure that has been damaged or destroyed by a devastating event. Designed Systems Enterprises Inc. offers catastrophic restoration services.

    Offshore Production Power Distribution

    Cable Bus is ideal for offshore power distribution systems as the fully jacketed cables, environmental seals and non corrosive aluminum construction hold up well to the harsh conditions found in marine applications.

    New Generation Utilities

    Cable Bus is used for station power by connecting to the low voltage (5 & 15KV) side of auxiliary and start-up transformers to the stations' main switchgear.

    Existing Generation Utilities

    Cable Bus is used for connecting new power distribution equipment involved in modernization or revamp projects. Retrofit balanced draft systems, and the addition of pollution control equipment.

    Industrial Applications

    Cable Bus is used for connecting the power from the company's primary transformer to the primary switchgear. Most heavy industrials have an application for Cable Bus. Because of the flexability of a Cable Bus system, they are ideal for complex routing of high power distribution circuits in a crowded industrial space.

    High Energy Applications

    High Energy Industrial Applications such as Electric Arc Furnaces being installed in steel mills. The furnaces are usually located away from the primary substation, requiring Cable Bus runs of up to one thousand feet. This application is usually too long a distance for bus duct and too high an ampacity for multi-conductor cables in tray.

    Alternate Energy Sources

    Cable Bus Systems have been installed at locations investigating fusion power, solar power, and wind powered generation. Introduction and control of smart grid renewable energy systems into electric power systems can utilize the flexability of Cable bus Systems

    Commercial Installations

    Cable Bus Systems are used to connect pad mount transformers to primary switchgear at large commercial malls. Also 600V Cable Bus is used by the local utility in Los Angeles to make the electrical service connection in mostlarge commercial buildings under its jurisdiction.

    Industrial Installations

    Replacement Distribution Methods for Industrials that use 600V bus bar systems and have a high particulate matter contamination on the system, such as pulp and paper plants, have had a high failure rates with the bus bar systems and are now using Cable Bus to replace their existing systems.
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