CABLEBUS Enclosure Quotation Form

Complete this form for a Designed Systems Enterprises Enclosure estimate, please provide the information requested on this page and submit it. You may also Print out the completed form and mail it to: Designed Systems Enterprises, 1841 Jefferson ave., Covington, KY 41014. We will contact you with a completed estimate and proposal as soon as possible.

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Enclosures can be fabricated similar to the manufacture and catalog number noted below with exceptions as shown.
Note: When selecting "Other", please indicate preference in requirements at the bottom of this form.
Similar Manufacture Similar Catalog Number
Quantity Material
Thickness Construction
Latch Style
Exterior Finish Interior Finish
Width Height
Depth Mounting
Accessories - Please list quantity, size and show location on an attached sketch.
Sub-Panel Disconnects
Vent Louvers Ventilation Fan
Interior Light Window Kit
Side Panel Drip Shield
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