Installation Features
  • Standard Cable Tray Installation methods
  • Standard Cable Tray support methods
  • Light weight aluminum construction aids installation.
  • Suitable For Use Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Conventional cable pulling tools are used.
  • Cable installed without splicing required.
  • Seals for equipment and wall penetration available.
  • Straight Cable Bus sections can be cut-to-fit onsite.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Fittings available.
  • Cable support block guides and spacing installed by factory.
  • All connectors and hardware furnisher by Designed Systems.
  • Complete Set of Installation Drawings.
  • Complies With NEC 365.


Install tray material in accordance with engineering drawings using standard cable tray support materials.

Rig and pull cables into tray with attention to phasing and make provisions for cable supports.

Cable supports installed in the welded segment brackets assure ampacity and short circuit bracing.

Terminate cables in tap or entrance boxes. Regroup each phase following engineering drawings.

Assemble and seal all environmental and equipment seals to prevent moisture penatration.

Finalize the tray support system and install ventilated covers on entire cable bus system.

Inspect and test installation before energizing system.

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