Designed Systems Enterprises CABLE BUS System Quotation Form

Complete this form for a Designed Systems Enterprises Cable Bus System estimate, please provide the information requested on this page and submit it. You may also Print out the completed form and mail it to Designed Systems Enterprises, 1841 Jefferson ave., Covington, KY 41014 . We will contact you with a completed Designed Systems Cable Bus estimate and proposal as soon as possible.

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Amperage Voltage
Cable Bus System Type Insulation Type
Operating Temperature
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Ambient Temperature
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Jacket Type Conductor Material
Enclosure Material Cover Material
Cable Bus is rated to carry ground currents of
1600A Will this meet your grounding requirements?
Horizontal Footage Vertical Footage
Horizontal Elbows, 90 ˚ Horizontal Elbows, 60 ˚
Horizontal Elbows, 45 ˚ Horizontal Elbows, 30 ˚
Vertical Elbows, 90 ˚ Vertical Elbows, 60 ˚
Vertical Elbows, 45˚ Vertical Elbows, 30˚
Wall Seal (fire rated) Termination Box
Equipment Seal (outdoor) Box Connector (indoor)
Tap Box (with insulators and busbars) Attach File
Special Requirements