Engineering Services

    Cable Bus Systems by Designed Systems Enterprises, Inc. are completely engineered to the customer's specific needs, from determining the proper number of cables and phasing arrangement to supplying a complete set of layout drawings to assisting the contractor during installation. All elements of the Cable Bus System are engineered to meet all codes and standards including cable bracing and the tray support system.

    Fabrication Services

    Cable Bus Systems and Enclosures by Designed Systems Enterprises, Inc. are fabricated to your specifications out of standard Structural 6063 t6 Aluminum, Hot Dipped Galvanized after Fabrication Steel or Stainless Steel. Coatings or epoxy paint finishes are available on request. The voltage rating for a Cable Bus System is determined by the ampacity of the Cable Bus System specified.

    Installation Services

    Representatives from Designed Systems Enterprises, Inc. will oversee the Installation of the Cable Bus Systems and even act as contractor if required. Cable Bus systems are easily adjusted in the field to accommodate interferences that often occur during installation. Components are easily routed around unforeseen field obstructions and our extensive custom fabrication capabilities ensure that we can manufacture a system to meet all of your difficult installation challenges.

    Emergency Response Services

    Designed Systems Enterprises offers emergency response, restoration and general contractor services specializing in the return of compromised power distribution systems to their pre-loss condition. When disaster strikes, regardless of its size or magnitude, you need an electrical restoration contractor that has the ability to respond immediately with the resources, experience and knowledge to remedy a diverse range of electrical systems failures.
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