The minimum specification for a Cable Bus system should include, but not be limited to, the following:


    The Cable Bus System shall be assembled at the point of installation from components supplied by Deigned Systems, Inc. in accordance with installation drawings provided for the specific project.

    All necessary components for a complete Cable Bus System shall include straight sections, fittings, support blocks, covers, splice plates, hardware, equipment/ environmental seals, tap boxes, single conductor cables, electrical compression connectors, termination kits, and other required accessories.

    The completed Cable Bus System shall conform to Article 365 of the National Electrical Code.

    Cable Bus System shall be as manufactured by Designed Systems, Inc.


    Cable Bus enclosure shall be fabricated from natural finished aluminum.

    Cable Bus enclosure shall be suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

    Enclosure fittings shall maintain a minimum bending radius of the cables of 24 inches, unless the cables require a larger bending radius.

    Straight sections of enclosure shall be suitable for support spans of ________.

    Top and bottom enclosure sections shall be corrugated and ventilated. Top cover shall be removable and held down by screws approximately four feet on center. The bottom section shall be factory welded into place.

    Cable support blocks shall be field installed into block retaining rungs. Blocks shall be spaced a maximum of 36 inches on center in horizontal runs and 18 inches on center in vertical runs. Blocks shall be designed to maintain at least one cable diameter between cables in both the horizontal and vertical planes to aid in ventilating the cables.


    Cables shall be single conductor with insulation rated for 90C operating temperatures.

    Cables shall be sized for a maximum temperature rise of the conductor of 50C, based on an ambient temperature of 40C.

    Cables shall be field installed in continuous lengths after the lower sections of the enclosure are in place.

    Cables shall be installed in a phasing pattern as recommended by Designed Systems, Inc. without any intermediate transpositions of the cable.

    Cable Bus System shall be designed to withstand the mechanical forces encountered from short circuit currents of ___________.

    Electrical connectors of the compression type shall be provided for installation after the cable is in place at all termination points or taps. Stud connectors will be provided where specified. Termination kits of the heat shrink type are provided as required.

    Enclosure shall be grounded at sufficient points to prevent a potential above ground on the enclosure in the event of a fault.

    Click here to download a word document of a Typical Cable Bus Specification

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