Designed Systems Enterprises Cable Bus is the best choice when you have to transmit a large amount of power efficiently and reliably between a source and a load center, such as from a transformer to switchgear, from switchgear to switchgear, switchgear to a large motor.

    Complete Cable Bus System

    An Engineered Power System. This system consists of single conductor power cables mounted on support blocks within a ventilated aluminum enclosure with required accessories to make a complete system as designed and supplied by Designed Systems, Inc.

    Engineered System

    Cable Bus is used for large amounts of power (up to 6000 Amps per phase at 600V, 5KV, 15KV, up to 69KV). Cable Bus Systems by Designed Systems, Inc. are completely engineered to the customer's specific needs, from determining the proper number of cables and phasing arrangement to supplying a complete set of layout drawings to assisting the contractor during installation.

    Power Cables

    Only single conductor power cables, No.1/0 or larger, are used within a Cable Bus System; for higher ampacities, two or more cables per phase are operated in parallel. The voltage rating for a Cable Bus System is determined by the voltage rating of the cable used. Several examples of this are: If the Cable Bus is rated for 600 volt service, 600 volt power cable is furnished, or if the Cable Bus is rated for 13.8 KV service, 15 KV cable is furnished. The proper size and number of cables per phase for a given ampacity is determined by Designed Systems, Inc.

    Support Blocks

    Support blocks are sized to the cable to be furnished with the Cable Bus System. The support blocks maintain at least one cable diameter between cables and are located a maximum of 36 inches apart in the horizontal runs and 18 inches apart in the vertical runs.

    Ventilated Enclosure

    Designed to withstand the mechanical forces due to a short circuit and to allow for various support spans. Manufactured straight sections are "factory cut to length" in lengths up to twenty four feet long. Fittings are provided for directional changes as with cable tray; that is, horizontal elbows, vertical inside elbows, and vertical outside elbows with 90,60, 45, and 30 bends. Standard widths are twelve and twenty four inches, with heights of eight, ten, and twelve inches. All widths and heights are based on the size and number of cables wishing the enclosure; this can be determined by checking the catalog or contacting our factory. Ventilated covers are provided top and bottom to cool the cables and keep the cable within the design temperatures. Top covers are removable while bottom covers are factory welded into place.


    Cable Bus Systems are manufactured to your specifications out of standard Structual 6063 T6 Aluminum, Hot Dipped Galvanized after Fabrication Steel or Stainless Steel. Coatings or epoxy paint finishes are available on request.

    How to Order

    You may design your own cable bus system by using the information provided on this website and order the parts from Designed Systems or to get a quote on a Custom Engineered project, complete the Designed Systems Cable Bus System Quotation Form and submit or mail it to 1841 Jefferson ave., Covington, KY 41014. We will contact you with a completed Designed Systems Cable Bus estimate and fabracation proposal.

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    Cable Bus Systems Numbers represent the total installed system and are used to identify the basic configuration of the system.

    The Enclosure Part Numbers are used to define the individual component parts of a Cable Bus System.

    Please click here to open a Cable Bus System Quotation Form

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